Smarden Charter Hall

Win, Win, Win

Annual Charter Hall Lottery

The Charter Hall lottery raises money each year for essential Hall maintenance and enables us to keep hire fees at an affordable rate. Half the income is returned in three prizes each month for ten months from March to December – the more money raised, the more money you win!
One ticket costs £10 giving entry into 10 draws, one a month from March 2023 to December 2023. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy to increase your chances of success. Winners will be notified by email or telephone and the results published each month here on this website, in the Parish Magazine and Social Media.

Good luck and thank you!

Lottery Results 2023

This year's lottery is paying out three prizes for each of the 10 draws. First prize is £50, with £30 and £20 for second and third.


  • Alison Townsley
  • Colin Knowles
  • Chris Buckman


  • Alison & Steven Ridley
  • Hilary & Dave Sutton
  • Ian & Clare Carter


  • Rob & Chris Ward
  • Iris Millen
  • Kathryn St John Stevens


  • Jackie Seaton
  • Margaret Twort
  • Carol Royle


  • Sian & Keith Newman
  • James van den Born
  • Ellie van den Born


  • Miranda & Tony Hay
  • Kim Marsh
  • Marilyn & Alex Ferris


  • Nick Woodward
  • Sandie Harris
  • Gilly & Brian Denness